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Alascom, Inc., d/b/a AT&T Alaska, is an Alaskan telecommunications company; specifically, an interexchange carrier (IXC). AT&T Alascom is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. AT&T Alascom, previously known as Alascom and many other names, was the first long-distance telephone company in Alaska. AT&T Alascom has extensive telecommunications infrastructure in Alaska.

A former employee mentioned, "Alascom has bad management, bad organization, bad tools. They give you old and reused laptops and smartphones. They gave me an old GSM phone.... No benefits, no growth. If you're lucky sometimes your skills fit. You have to fight to have the severance pay. They give it to you after months."


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Current Employee - Sys Administrative says

"Bad management, Bad organization. Bad tools (gove you old and reused laptops and smartphone. They give me an olf stuff GSM phone...). No benefits, no grow. Suddenly they organize meeting with a customer to replace a jpb position and send a made-up CV with invented skills to match that job. If you're lucky sometimes some skills fit. you have to fight to have the severance pay. They give you after months."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low salary, very bad management, and once you start a project, the company leaves you alone and don't help anymore."

Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Very bad managment team, no idea about resources"

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Terrible Management Complete Disorganization Sometimes they just don't pay your monthly wage"

Former Employee - Senior Network Security Engineer says

"total disorganization Prepared interview with end customer without technical knowledge request to modify the Linkedin CV based on interview or to make private you Linkedin account no answer to emails from management Very bad office with no one confort (no water, no coffe, very old and broken chairs, two people for desk, ...)"


"When you leave, they don't pay your last wages so please be careful. If they don't want you, they will just stop paying you your wages. Such a terrible company. Worst ever. Do not enter this company"


"please go away from them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have worked for many different companies and i must say, hands down, DO NOT enter this company. PLEASE!!!! They have great people working for them but managed by husband and wife, both are as tight as you can get. If you are agreeing on t&c, don't believe anything they say. Get everything written before hand. This company has a huge turnover of staff, because people just leave because it is handled so badly."

Network Engineer says

"they sell you like an expert even if you are totally junior. no planning at all, they tell you the day before everytime which is the next customer. no organization at all."

Technical Leader says

"disorganization oversubscription no visibility about career the senior management can do better about organization"

Technical Aide Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This was a type of gopher position where I had my own job but would be "loaned out" to other positions when there was a need. I also got to do volunteer work in the community through this company which I loved."